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I am looking for a plugin that would add the folloiwng on our blog site built on Wordpess slef hosted:

  1. Authors' name to appear on every blog (below title where currentlly date and tags appear)
  2. Authors page being added to our blog site
  3. On authors page display authors' profile including bio, website, social network profile buttons and published posts.

So it would be more like how it is set-up at Mashable:

Is there a plugin or plugins I could use to achieve these?

Thank for help.

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This post was written by

and use custom permalinks

like /%postname%/ so you will get the author page

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Thanks but your suggestion doesnt guide me through where to add/modify. I was hoping there was a plugin that could do all of these. – April Apr 12 '10 at 0:31

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