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how to backup a mysql database regularly to a ftp server i mention ?

Any script for doing so ?

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You can make backup a MySQL database regularly to FTP server with the help of MySqlBackupFtp ( – Nick Taylor Jul 15 at 9:59
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You could mount the remote ftp server using curlftpfs under /mnt/ftpserver/ for example and then backup your database using

mysqldump --all-databases --opt > /mnt/ftpserver/mysql_backup.sql

Alternatively you can perform the mysqldump and then use lftp to push the backup file to the ftp server using something like

lftp -c "open -u <username>,<password> <servername>/<directory>; set ftp:rest-stor false; put mysql_backup.sql"

If you need more detail, please add a comment.

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I would suggest mounting with curlftpfs, as it would make overall maintenance easier - especially if you want to push other files in the future. – Nathan Adams Apr 12 '10 at 0:10
simply we can do it, Mysql dumpl get .sql file & upload to ftp – Athul Apr 12 '10 at 18:35

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