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So I can disable System Restore on my USB External Disk by going to

System Properties -> System Restore -> (selecting the drive) -> Settings -> Turn off System Restore on this drive

and this works wonderfully my own system.

But can I set an option (via an autorun.inf or some other mechanism) that will prevent System Restore from storing data on this drive when plugged into other Windows machines?

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Does formatting it as FAT32 prevent System Restore data from being added? – Ian Boyd Oct 30 '09 at 15:42
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According to this post from the Microsoft Product Manager for System Restore, this is not possible. It looks like you will need to manually do this on each system.

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Does formatting it as FAT32 not prevent system restore data from being added?

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I am pretty sure this is not possible by simply adding some sort of file to the drive. Although, I have never personally had a problem with other PC's trying to use an external drive for system restore automatically after I plug it in.

I have heard that if you unplug the drive while windows is running, without doing a "Safe Removal of Hardware", windows will not use that drive for System Restore though.

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