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I am using Virtualmin and have it set up to have Postfix scan incoming emails with ClamAV (using clamdscan) and delete any emails which contain a virus. However when I email myself the EICAR test string, it comes through just fine. I know ClamAV will report this file as a virus. How can I troubleshoot this / what could be wrong?

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Check /var/log/mail.log and ensure the mail flow does go through clam, the mail headers are usually tagged as well.

Another thing to check is that it's clam 0.95 or newer, and freshclam is running to get virus defs, older versions of clam are now blocked due to limits.

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I'm not sure exactly what was wrong... but after many postfix and clamd server restarts, it's now working... – Josh May 5 '10 at 19:11

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