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Is there any way to use ARR to re-route requests to ports other than 80/443 (the default http/https ports, respectively)? We have several web applications that listen on ports other than 80 and would like to load-balance them using ARR. Is this even possible?

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You can do this - when adding a server to the farm, click the "Advanced settings..." link, in there both the HTTP and HTTPS ports are configurable to whatever you want.

In the c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\config\ApplicationHost.config file, the server entry would look something like this:

<server address="" enabled="true">
    <applicationRequestRouting httpPort="8080" />

Depending on how your web application works, you may also need to turn on the "Reverse rewrite host in response headers" setting in the Proxy configuration for your farm.

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