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Using a VM I installed Windows 2008 Server x64 and as the image below shows, added the IIS Role

alt text

full image

and assigned all role features of IIS

alt text

full image

But if I have an ASP.NET (aspx) page that does (C#)

Session["test-session"] = "A";

and read in other page

I always get nothing!

NOTE: I do have an entire ASP.NET web application, the example above is to be succinct and explicit on what is the problem I'm facing.

Can anyone know what do I have to do to the Server, so I can use the Session variables?

All help is greatly appreciated, Thank you

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Found out that is something with Internet Explorer 8 and the absurd Security stuff.

As I installed Firefox and everything is ok.

I will post what are the setting to disable, maybe it could help anyone.

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