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I've got a web application,, which sends out emails for various reasons - the contact us page is a good example.

I am using google apps on the domain and I've setup a google apps group, Support (, which I want the emails from the contact us page to go to.

But the emails don't seem to be sending...

I thought it could be that the groups security is a little tighter than normal email, so I change the contact us email to go to - but they still didn't appear.

So I'm guessing that it has something to do with internal routing and the messages aren't leaving the server/network at all. Eg Sending an email from the computer to a email address.

I put an entry into the hosts file for but that doesn't seem to have helped.

Also, there doesn't seem to be anything of interest in the event log.

What do I need to do? Or what do I need to get my VPS hoster to do?


Ps. The VPS is a Windows 2008 box with IIS7 and the default SMTP (IIS6?) server. The web app is ASP.NET MVC - not that that should matter.

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Ok, it was my own bad... during the setup of the SMTP server I had added an alias for my domain, so they weren't getting out because of that.

I've removed the alias and it's all working fine and dandy again!

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