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I've got Glassfish 2.1.1 here and I need to undeploy war application. Problem is that the application is corrupted and prevents the Glassfish server from starting, so I need to undeploy it while server is down.

asadmin undeploy need conenction to running server...

So the question is - how to undeploy from off-line Glassfish server.

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  1. delete directory domains/$YOUR_DOMAIN/applications/j2ee-*/$YOUR_APPLICATION (thanks, chris_l)
  2. clean out domains/$YOUR_DOMAIN/generated/*/j2ee-*/$YOUR_APPLICATION
  3. remove all entries regarding $YOUR_APPLICATION from domains/$YOUR_DOMAIN/config/domain.xml (usually there are two records - one in domain>applications>web-module and one in domain>servers>server>application-ref)
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Have you tried simply deleting the application's directory domains/$YOUR_DOMAIN/applications/$YOUR_APPLICATION? Make a backup first!

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Yes I did. Does not work. Glassfish have got some data about deployed apps in domains.xml. – andrej Apr 16 '10 at 13:13

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