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I want to use selenium grid for my web page testing. I have successfully installed the demo of selenium grid on my PC and it is running fine. I have followed this link to install and run the selenium grid demo.

I am trying to code a java program using selenium rc which can run with selenium grid for testing the web site, but I am not getting how does I make change on the selenium grid existing demo so that it will work for my web test.

Can some body provide me any link/example so that I will do that?

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My understanding of Selenium Grid is that you will either need a way to run your tests in parallel or have multiple processes firing requests to the Remote Controls.

If you're using JUnit, there's a post on StackOverflow that has a number of recommendations for parallelization.

There's actually an example in the Selenium Grid demo as well. It uses TestNG's built-in multi-threading capability. If you write your test harness in TestNG, that should simplify the process of following the pattern in the demo build file.

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