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I have a SQL Server 2008 instance. I have configured filestream access properly, and use it from one column on one table in one of my databases. However, I cannot access the UNC share for the filestream data. I have tried browsing to it as well as trying to open specific files and I get errors both ways.

I am running SQL Server 2008 enterprise on a Windows 7 workstation running on the domain. I've tried running the sql server service as a local user, then as network admin. The user I am logged in as is a local admin and a sysadmin in SQL server.

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This is not how filestream works - you don't browse the share and open files directly. You need to go through SQL Server to obtain a logical file path and transaction context and then use these two when opening the file (either using Win32 OpenSqlFilestream API or .Net SqlFileStream class). Here's a tutorial on how to access filestream data from windows applications: Managing FILESTREAM Data by Using Win32 .

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Looks like you are right. – Justin Dearing Apr 19 '10 at 19:56

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