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I'm trying to work out how I can get postfix to accept email for any sub-domain of my main site. I don't have virtual domains, just a long list of sub-domains for local delivery. In specific, I'm feeding python@* into a Python using the alias file:

python:    |/www/

The Python can handle delivery from there. I envision this looking something along the lines of:

mydestination = encendio, localhost.localdomain, localhost, *

I'm running the latest version of postfix on Ubuntu (not rightly sure how to check the version).

Thanks in advance.

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You can't use wildcards if you explicitly list the destinations in your Postfix config, but fortunately the $mydestination option accepts table lookups. So try setting $mydestination to a pcre map like this:

mydestination = pcre:/etc/postfix/mydestinations

Then create /etc/postfix/mydestinations:

/encendio/                  ACCEPT
/localhost\.localdomain/    ACCEPT
/localhost/                 ACCEPT
/.*\.mydomain\.com/         ACCEPT

Technically you could put anything at all in the place of "ACCEPT" as the result is ignored; just the presence of the match is sufficient:

Specify a list of host or domain names, "/file/name" or "type:table" patterns, separated by commas and/or whitespace. A "/file/name" pattern is replaced by its contents; a "type:table" lookup table is matched when a name matches a lookup key (the lookup result is ignored).

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The regular expressions should be achored; see – Richard Hansen Apr 11 at 21:13

The pcre solution in the accepted answer works well, but you might want to consider anchoring the regexp to avoid getting hits on just part of the domain name.

/^encendio$/                  ACCEPT
/^localhost\.localdomain$/    ACCEPT
/^localhost$/                 ACCEPT
/^.*\.mydomain\.com$/         ACCEPT
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* wont work.

You need to create relay-domains and put all your subdomains in there. 1 per line.

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