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Possible Duplicate:
The Coolest Server Names

How do you decide what you name your servers?

Do you keep it simple/boring like svr-01, svr-02; make it descriptive like citrix-01, share-01; or do you make it creative like the names of the planets, peanuts characters, etc?

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Once you have more than 5-10 servers, creative names become nothing more than a major pain. I work for a university and different departments have different naming conventions, while we are the ones who have to take care of their stuff. It is a complete management nightmare. So "boring" names for me please.

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Its good to make the names relavant, in the sense that they should reflect their localtion, thier pool etc


Servers in Wonderland and are a part of mypool should be named something like wondrlnd-mypool01 wondrlnd-mypool02 etc

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I personally like using Greek deities in naming. It gives some 'feeling' and familiarity to the servers and well as allows you to pick somewhat relevant names. There are also a multitude of names.

For example: Proteus - the name implies first, so I use this as the first server name.

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