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Help!  I desperately need some advice / help...

I want an automated install (via CD or USB) of Ubuntu 10.04 ...on 100 remote machines located all over the country, using a Kickstart configuration file accessible from my web server.

How do I create the boot CD (or USB)?

How do I specifically add the boot parameters to that boot CD (or USB) to tell it the URL to use for it's automated Kickstart install?

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under debian/ubuntu its called preseeding:

You can put the preseed.cfg on CD oder let it load via web. I`m using it in conjunction with cfengine2

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Ubuntu fully supports Kickstart (albeit with a few changes). Under Red Hat, Kickstart locations are specified with a ks= parameter given to the Linux kernel at boot; I don't think Ubuntu is any different. Ubuntu still supports preseeding as part of the kickstart process and adds comamnds to that effect to kickstart. – Mei Mar 14 '11 at 16:23

I would recommend looking into Cobbler to see if it can work for you. It was primarily developed for RedHat based systems, but it looks like Ubuntu may be usable. Considering that Cobbler supports both PXE as well as boot discs, it should be able to scale to your needs.

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You could try using FAI (Fully Automatic Installation):

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The FAI project has a new $HOME.

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