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I am a bit rusty lately. What is the standard way to test CPU and disk I/O these days?

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One test I do is compile the kernel. Maybe prime. Also I'm refering to this list quite a lot lately as I am testing a lot of VM configurations.

As for "standard", I'm not sure there is one. What I think you might want to do is create a set of tests that are standard for you and apply that to your variations.

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There are many tools out there that perform stress testing.

For Linux a easy to use one is stress:

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for the disk: bonnie++. not your most trendy benchmarking tool but one that gives useful results [ random and sequential reads/writes, i/o per sec ].

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I still continue to use the old^H^H^Hclassic standbys for disk performance testing: Iozone and iometer. Iozone is fairly easy to get going, while Iometer can be configured to more closely match your real-life load characteristics (assuming you know what they are, of course). I believe both are available on multiple platforms, including Linux and Windows.

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