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Im using LastLogon attribute to check when a user account last was used, but i see the value seems to be updated on each DC when a user logs in via that DC. And its NOT synced across the different domain controlers.

So my question is: Is this how this attribute should work? Or is it something wrong in our domain?

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The lastLogonTimeStamp attribute is automatically replicated across all domain DCs only if the domain is (at least) at Windows Server 2003 functional level.

Also, beware of differences between lastLogonTimeStamp and lastLogon (the latter one is obsolete and never replicated).

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The LastLogon attribute is not replicated. When the domain functional level is "Windows Server 2003" there is a new attribute "lastLogonTimeStamp" which is replicated.

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He wrote "LastLogon", but actually linked "lastLogonTimeStamp". – Massimo Apr 19 '10 at 9:04
He is correct also. I was actualy checking both, but assumed the LastLogon was correct one to use ( And used lastLogonTimeStamp as a fallback). – EKS Apr 20 '10 at 10:41

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