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I have an old domain www.olddomain.com, and now I have shifted my content to www.newdomain.com. Both of the domains are residing in the same root folder on a sharehost.

I use CPanel to manage them.

Now, when the user types in www.olddomain.com, I want it to be redirected to www.newdomain.com, with the address bar showing www.olddomain.com. How can this be accomplished?

I tried to use "redirects" feature in Domains list, and although I could get the redirection, but the address bar showed www.newdomain.com, not www.olddomain.com.

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Sounds like you would need to setup a CNAME for www.olddomain.com to make it an alias for www.newdomain.com. This help file from Google Apps has information about setting up CNames on popular domain registrars.

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You need to remove any redirects use cPanel's parked domains feature: http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/CpanelDocs/ParkedDomains

Alternatively, you can use Greg's answer, but that's assuming you are on a dedicated IP or you have a vhost entry setup (parked domains do this for you) for olddomain.com

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