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How can I enable only FTP access to the Solaris box, but not SSH and Telnet for only selected account.

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Two things you might try:

  1. You could use the virtual users feature of vsftpd. This would let you set up users entirely independent of the OS users. There is a vsftpd package on blastwave. This involves adding new piece of software, you might not want or be able to do that.

  2. For ssh the DenyUsers/DenyGroups will stop ftpuser from loggin in. Something like this in ''sshd_config'':

DenyUsers ftpuser1 ftpuser2 DenyGroups ftpgroup

For telnet you could try to make the ftpuser shell = /usr/bin/false (put /usr/bin/false) in /etc/shells), that should stop him from logging in over telnet but I think allow ftp (I don't have a Solaris VM to test unfortunately).

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To make "only ftp" users, meaning they can only use ftp, no telnet or ssh, do this:

  1. add /bin/false to the list of shells in /etc/shells

  2. change your user's shell to /bin/false

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Some ftpds (vsftpd for example) will check the validity of the account this way. See option 'check_shell' in vsftpd.conf – petrus Jul 12 '10 at 22:11

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