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We have a 3 MB pipe whose background noise is usually around 1.5 - 2 MB/S. This tends to burst up to capacity when when someone heads over to ESPN stream a video.

It would be nice to be able to isolate those events and throttle the bandwidth of the offender or segment out a "standard" vs. "non-standard" traffic scheme and put non-white listed websites on the non-standard side.

Are there open source tools to allow our small business to do this?


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There were a few posts about this here:


I've used tcng with good results. Check this QoS article @wikipedia too. There's also WonderShaper.


Not really what you asked, but you might want to investigate running a Squid proxy internally there. It will at least cut back the duplicated traffic of everyone going to CNN, etc


Quite often this function can be handled by your router. Even a simple home/gaming router like the D-Link DGL-4100 contains QoS functionality. Other more "business" level products like Sonicwall are affordable and will do this as well. I think you will find a hardware solution much more manageable than something open source in the long run and the cost is negligible.


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