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If someone uses (to manage DNS records), is there any chance, how to find out hosting provider?

Example NS 1 day NS 1 day NS 1 day NS 1 day NS 1 day


  • Which hosting provider does Evernote use?
  • Why Evernote use What's the advantage?

Thank you.

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The DNS and webserver hosting can be totally independent. As is in this case.

Your best bet is:

  • Check the DNS records:


    should give you something like this: has address mail is handled by 30

    We know that web hosting is done at, and e-mail gets handled by Google (Apps for Your Domain).

  • Try checking the obtained IP in RIPE database: Query RIPE Database

    Here it's a nondescript IANA-BLK, so we don't know much.

  • In that case we can try a traceroute to the web host:

    18 (
    19 (
    20 (
    21 (

    Looking at this we can make a guess that evernote is using

    Correction: As pointed out - ARIN database is more accurate in this case:

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Now when I look at pQd answer - it's probably more precise. Internap could be an intermediary provider of some sort. – Karol Piczak Apr 21 '10 at 15:10

check to what ip does point:

pqd:~$ dig +short

[ or just ]

and belongs to Quality Technology Services Santa Clara.

[ ]

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