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Is there a best practice of migrating django app from ubuntu server to red hat? What could be the challenges?

In the same vein will postgreSQL migration pose any challenges?

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Personally I've had my very basic Django based app switching between Ubuntu/RedHat/Debian/Windows. I've not had any OS platform specific problems (only using Django and Django-pagination). I built and installed Django from the sources at each time (ubuntu had 0.99 for a long time and I wanted 1.0), I only used deb and rpm packages for python. My DB has been MySQL not PostgreSQL but I've not had any problems with it. My advice would be to keep a very close eye on version numbers for things like wsgi, python interpreter etc., if you have a test suite or the time to write one then that can be very reassuring when you migrate to a different platform to see the same results. Get some benchmarks before you move the site and compare them.

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