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Initially i was using window server 2008 and vmware worktation 7. There i had .bat file and i put at startup folder to start Vms at startup.

I have chnaged my OS to ubuntu . how can i auto start VM in there

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vmrun is the correct option. I use the following to start a VMware Workstation VM in the background.

vmrun start "$vmimg"  nogui

where $vmimg is the full path to the vmx file of the VM. The key option that you want is the nogui option so that the VMware Workstation gui doesn't come up.

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You should be able to use the vmrun command to start up VMs in the background from the command line, and use it in /etc/rc.local when your system boots. (You will need to use sudo -e /etc/rc.local to edit that file.)

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with the details of Workstation to give you a specific example.

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