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I am new to ubuntu , i have installed rdiff-backup.

I have folder called sqlfiles on remote ftp server.The sql filesa are stored for last three days and then deleted. But i want to download the all copies to local computers

I want to have incremental backups on my local server so that

1)If file is same then it should not be copied 2)if different , then overwrite it 3)If file is in local directory and not in FTP , then leave as it is

How can i apply those rules to r-diff

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All 3 of your requirements can be done with rsync already.

1. Default behavior.
2. Default behavior.
3. --existing (Transfer only files that already exist on the destination host.)
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how can i enter passowrd of remote shh in rsync command – John Apr 22 '10 at 2:49
you can use rsync --rsh='ssh', so your command would look something likethis: rsync --rsh='ssh' -a --progress --existing --dry-run /dir/to/upload/from/ user@server:/dir/to/upload/to/. You can remove --dry-run and --progress later. pay attention to the / after /dir/to/upload/from/ it will upload the contents of that directory, not directory itself. if you would like to upload the whole directory instead, remove trailing / – solefald Apr 22 '10 at 3:15

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