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We have a pylons web application running on a windows server 2003 machine.

There is a startup script that runs in a "dos box".

From time to time the script crashes and the server is then down. How to keep it runing / monitored?

Edit: On a linux box I would use a monitoring tool like "monit" that can check if the service responds to http requests and kills it and starts a new instance if not.

Edit2: After some research I found something now:

(the original site is down at the present, but google cache has the page: )

I found the link on (2nd paragraph from the bottom)

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Have you considered running it through IIS which can then monitor processes and restarts through application pools? Check out:


I use the first, but the second has better performance.

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would they also detect a crash and somehow restart? – user12096 Apr 28 '10 at 11:44
Well, I have never had applications crash, that I am aware of. I have had exceptions, but I trap my exceptions at a high level so they don't make it through to IIS. However, I did have application pools designed to shut-down the application to conserve resources if the application hadn't been used in 20 minutes (this is the default behavior). IIS knows that if a request comes in and there is no application in the application pool, that it needs to start the application. I assume this would work the same if the application crashed. – Randy Syring Apr 29 '10 at 15:12

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