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I tried to create a full-text index on my new full-text catalog and got this error:

Msg 9967, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
A default full-text catalog does not exist in database 'foo' or user does not have permission to perform this action.


  • I connected to the target sql server with Windows Authentication
  • Full-text indexing appears installed (right-clicking the table, I see the Full-text Index -> option)
  • I verified that my full-text catalog was created
  • This is my first time setting up a full-text catalog and index

What do I need to do in Sql Server 2005 and/or in Windows Server 2003 to get permissions?

Please be thorough (assume I am a sysadmin n00b). Thank you.

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If you have the database-owner permission, that's all you need to do there.

Full-text indexing is an option in the SQL Server installer. You may need to go back and add the feature.

Other than that, these instructions should take care of you:

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Thanks @Miles. Your link showed me my fault. The error was with the "default catalog" part--not the permissions. Once I added ON MyCatalog to the SQL statement, it worked. – Bill Paetzke Apr 23 '10 at 17:15

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