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I would appreciate help on this. I tried myself, see below.

cp 40.129.98.db 40.234.173.db

nano 40.234.173.db

(modified IP in the file to reflect 173 IP, updated SERIAL)

named-checkzone /var/named/40.234.173.db

root@server [/var/named]# rndc reload 40.234.173.in-addr.arpa
rndc: 'reload' failed: not found
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You can't tell BIND about new zone files with rndc, you have to add the zone configuration into the named.conf file, and then use rndc reconfig.

FWIW, I believe future versions of BIND may have support for the nascent "nscp" (name server control protocol) which is being discussed at the IETF. That protocol is intended to allow name servers to add whole new zones "on the fly".

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Thanks, but it would help if you tell me what the command is? –  Clear.Cache Apr 25 '10 at 14:37
I did - edit named.conf to add the zone file, then run rndc reconfig. –  Alnitak Apr 26 '10 at 7:11

Look at the named.conf, take name from line with string zone and reload it. For example:

zone "v6.domain.com.pl"{

rndc reload zone v6.domain.com.pl

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It's not enough to create the zone file. You also need to tell bind about it, which is normally done in named.conf.

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