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Is it possible for Postfix (on FC7) to recieve an email at and automatically forward a copy to and and I can't use .forward files because this is a virtual server with virtual domains, there are no /home/user directorys for email accounts.

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You can add a line to /etc/aliases to that effect:

a: b c d

The in your case is assumed, as I understand. Don't forget to run newaliases

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Perhaps /etc/postfix/virtual is what you need? Take a look at the manpage virtual(5).

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Well the server is hosted by GoDaddy and runs their Simple Control Panel.. I tried adding the aliases to /etc/postfix/turbopanel/virtual-alias but it doesn't seem to allow multiple lines of the same originating address. – Gary Apr 24 '10 at 9:23
I don't have a similar postfix installation by hand to test this on. But if I read the manpage correctly, the format is comma-separated addresses on a single line. For example:,, – Shtééf Apr 24 '10 at 10:14

The 'transport_maps' option in the postfix is the one that should be used.

The transport_maps points to /etc/postfix/transport.db file that contains the entries.

You can add the transport entries in /etc/postfix/transport file and run the 'postmap' command which will generate the transport.db file.

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