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When I receive an appointment or meeting invitation in Outlook I am given the option to accept or decline it. If I accept the appointment the event is added to my calendar and the e-mail disappears from my inbox. Is it possible to prevent the e-mail from disappearing?

I know I can find the event in the calendar, but I would like to keep the original invitation as well.

Note: I am using Outlook 2003.

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I have Outlook 2002 and this is in

Tools > Options


Preferences Tab > Email Options > Advanced Email Options

There is a check box called "Delete meeting request from Inbox when responding"

If it's the same in 2003, I'd uncheck that!

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It's the same in 2003. Thanks! – Anders Sandvig May 28 '09 at 9:00

All incoming events are automatically sent to the "Sent" folder once they're accepted, declined, or set as tentative. You could just get access it from there, or create a filter to archive this once the action has taken place.

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