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I have a phone supporting 2 accounts, but I need 4 accounts. Is it possible to install some sort of SIP server/gateway/proxy (on a linux server), that would register those 4 accounts and I would be able to connect to it as if it was 1 account? (With dialing rules, etc.) 3 of the accounts have incoming numbers.



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You can try one of the following:

  • asteriskNOW - very flexible, web interface configuration
  • trixbox - asterisk based, should be more user friendly for beginners
  • FreeSwitch - alternative to asterisk, configuration only via XML files
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I would recommend AsteriskNow - very simple to deploy, just google it, download the ISO, burn to a CD and boot your server and it installs everything you need.

We looked at a few alternatives and found AsteriskNow one of the more actively maintained all-in-one solutions compared to e.g. Trixbox

I'd also make sure you

  • set up something like fail2ban to make sure you detect (and block) people trying to hack into your SIP account
  • configure a firewall such as IPTables to block any inbound traffic you don't want - I only expose SIP
    and IAX2 on our external NIC.
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