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I'm connected to a server via ssh -x and my only way to get text out of the system is the x clipboard (unless i want to take thousends of screenshots and OCR over it).

I can not execute any programs on the other machine, because i don't have access.

How can I achive this?

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Are you sure that scp and/or sftp is disabled? – Johan Apr 28 '10 at 5:18

Use xclip.

On the remote computer

xclip a_text_file_with_some_data.txt

On the local computer

xclip -o > test.txt

You did move the text via the clipboard, but not the "normal" way :)

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my problem is that a propertiery "shell" (An X program) is my only way to access the data. I cannot execute other programs on the server. This "shell" stores data in the X clipboard. My problem is that i can't past it on my local Server. xclip -o test.txt outputs the clipboard of my own server. – Gupu User Apr 27 '10 at 11:19

Many terminal emulators (PuTTY, gnome-terminal, Xterm) let you either:

  • log all terminal output to a file, or
  • set a really big scrollback buffer (01000 lines or so) and then copy all of it.
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There is no output on the terminal i could copy. it is all inside an X-Window. – Gupu User Apr 27 '10 at 11:20

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