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Is it possible to point a subdomain to a port address? For example sub.localhost -> localhost:82 How would I go about doing that in IIS 6?


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It is not possible to do this directly. You need to setup another web server at port 80 and set reverse proxy to localhost:82.

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The DNS system has nothing to do with ports, so you wouldn't be able to do it there.

If no port is given, a browser will always connect to port 80 for HTTP connections. Any other port used needs to be explicitly specified in the URL, you can't transparently use another port.

If you want to be able to type http://localhost into your browser and have a server at localhost:82 kick into action, you will have to run some server at localhost:80. This server could either redirect or reverse proxy to port 82.

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PortMapper by AnalogX might help you do what you want.

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