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Following : Installing Team Foundation Server on a shared database instance

We did use a shared database instance setup for TFS 2005, and that was not a good idea, because of the Reporting Service dependency. The reporting instance on the server gives error code 404.

What works now

  • Basic source code control. We're able to check in and out source code.

What doesn't work :

Everything else, including :

  • Opening and creating new team projects.
  • Build automation.
  • Internal bug tracking.

Goal setup

  • Having a fully working TFS install, and keeping the history.
    1) A full install of TFS 2005 on the same server, but within its own database and reporting instance.
    2) Using another server might be an option, but it's really not prefered

  • Downtime should be minimum, my colleagues needs to be able to work on the source


I've read the MSDN page about moving/restoring TFS 2005, but I'm still unsure about what to do.

Thanks in advance for help

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