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I am having my application on one domain and SQL server on different domain. How to link up them ?

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You could just use SQL Server Authentication instead of Integrated Security (Windows Authentication). Then you can Access your DB across domain boundaries.

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More complex solution is to establish trust between your domains using AD.

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At worst, you can use NTLM Mirrored Accounts:

Mirrored accounts are not recommended, but are a workaround if you need to use Windows authentication and your Web server and database server are not in the same or trusted domain or if Windows authentication is blocked by a firewall. To use mirrored accounts, create a local account with the same user name and password on each server and then create a SQL Server login for the local account on the database server.

The link describes the process for ASP apps, but the same procedure applies to any application.

But the true, proper, solution is to establish trust between the two domains.

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