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I hope this is right place for this. I am currently running Joomla v1 with a file management component called Docman on a Bluehost server. Some users (particularly with slower download speeds) are experiencing partial file downloads with some of my larger files (~100MB).

I would like to keep the Joomla + Docman installation. Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue?

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations that you may have.

I forgot to mention that this issue just recently popped up when the size of my files doubled in size to ~100MB. Could there be something that is timing out?



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Joomla uses php, so I am guessing its a php timeout setting which is causing this. Up the setting to more than your largest file and you should be fine.

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; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. upload_max_filesize = 80M –  AliGibbs Apr 27 '10 at 16:24

I called up my hosting service and found out they recently enforced a 10 minute rule on scripts and processes. I had to upgrade to obtain a dedicated IP address in order to have a 12 hour limit which resolved my issue.

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