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I am looking for a simple web application that only has a simple graphical representation of the current status of 30+ lecture rooms. I.e. Green = good, Red=bad i.e. PC or Projector not working. With a little message and a ETA as well.

I am not looking for monitoring software, merely a way for a tech to flag a room as "technically challenged" until 1PM or until "Friday 10AM". With a message for those lecturers who are interested: "Waiting on replacement bulb" or "Power supply gone"

I know this is a simple thing to code up yourself, but I am looking for something that has been around for a few years that has some cool extra little functionality that you wouldn't think of yourself. I just can't find anything like that out there.

And just to be clear: not monitoring software, more like lecturer feedback web app.

Also: Not room bookings or timetabling. These would actually be a drawback for what I have in mind.

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How to do you get the status? Specifically of the projectors?

My honest recommendation would be - since it would probably be useful for your techs as well - to setup a minimal Nagios install to monitor everything of interest, and then code up a simple PHP page to display the current status and comments/acknowledgment messages as you want.

I've never seen anything like this, probably because the "cool extra little functionality" that most people want is automated monitoring.

My advice:

  1. use Nagios and code a custom front-end
  2. if you have a ticketing system, write something up that pulls from that
  3. code up something yourself in 20 minutes, add features as needed.
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The status is going to come from the Lecturers and the AV guy who cleans the filters and changes the bulbs. It is not monitoring I am looking for, it is so that a lecturer can glance at a page in the morning to see if all the lecture PCs and projectors are green or else try to change rooms. I.e. if a projector is in for repair for two days, that would be red with an ETA of April 29th for repair. – Seanchán Torpéist Apr 28 '10 at 8:32
I think I will do the code it up myself, it's just that it will take me much longer than 20 minutes! Maybe I should mess around with it for a year or two and "Open Source" it to get someone to fix it for me! I'll accept your answer if no one knows of such an app. – Seanchán Torpéist Apr 28 '10 at 8:35
If you're going to be doing PHP, feel free to email me (address listed at if you hit any walls. – Jason Antman Apr 28 '10 at 17:45
Gotta award the rep for this! Thanks, I should be able to put something small together myself though. It will just be done in my spare time! – Seanchán Torpéist Apr 28 '10 at 19:07

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