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I have a Squirrelmail + Exim4 mail server running Ubuntu; Squirrelmail is configured to use the user accounts already on the box as the username/password combinations (LDAP). I was wondering how/where I could view the Squirrelmail login attempts?

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Install the Squirrel Logger plug-in, and specify the log file, and what you want logged. Make sure you configure the config.php file before enabling the plug-in.

By default, Squirrel Mail has no logs of it's own, you'd have to read/interpret the IMAP and LDAP logs. Installing this quick plug-in allows Squirrel Mail to write a log of it's own, and you can configure what gets logged there. Don't forget to add the log to your log rotation program so it doesn't take over the disk.

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In the IMAP server log: look for connections from

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