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We have had Nagios running on one of our servers with out any problems for a while but lately certain old service warning have been reappearing and then disappearing on the service detail page.

From looking at the logs I found warning like the following.

Warning: The check of service 'Tomcat' on host 'virtual1' looks like it was orphaned (results never came back). I'm scheduling an immediate check of the service...

Has anyone ever came across this before or at least know a way to delete the old Orphaned Warnings.

The Nagios Version we are running is Version 3.0b7 so an update might be in order.


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Updated my Nagios version and it seemed to fix the problem.

Handy How2 update for anyone wants to upgrade.

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+1 for the self answer ;-) – gareth_bowles Apr 28 '10 at 15:13

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