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My team is working with several RedHat Linux servers and we'd like to synchronize our sources from one server to another (for several distinct projects).

I'd like to set-up a git-server as a version control; however I'm new to git and I'm confused by the terms ('server', "daemon', 'repository', etc...). Moreover we're working behind a firewall.

Can anyone point me to a link about how to setup a git server?


Update: best resource I found was but , for example how can I "use ssh keys to login so that you can have multiple developers connect securely and easily"

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I would recommend gitosis

gitosis aims to make hosting git repos easier and safer. It manages multiple repositories under one user account, using SSH keys to identify users. End users do not need shell accounts on the server, they will talk to one shared account that will not let them run arbitrary commands.

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I discovered an interesting link threw your answer: thanks – Pierre Apr 28 '10 at 13:26

The book Pro Git has a whole chapter on providing Git services: Git on the Server. It also covers gitosis and gitolite.

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Gitosis is pretty much unmaintained; the last significant commit made was more than 2 years ago.

Gitolite is an order of magnitude more powerful and has lots of users now.

Disclaimer: I'm the author so I'm clearly biased :-)

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SSH is a fundamental tool for network security and communication and very useful for any number of tasks. I recommend you get the basics of this down before continuing with Git. You won't find any shortage of tutorials to help you. I'm guessing the client computers are running Windows - Putty is the usual SSH client program for that o/s.

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