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Right so,

basically the story is that to test a XenServer environment from citrix I deployed a openQRM install from SVN to a ubuntu 10.4 install (on a ESX Environment)

All went well installs, I can connect to it, but I can't seem to access the nagios plug in. Every time i wish to go to it i'm asked for a pw, and if I input the pw I wrote down yesterday it just doesn't let me in.

I'm trying to reset the password on the nagios plug in now but for the life of me can't find it. Googled high and low for a defenitive working solution but so far no luck.

Anyone able to lend a hand ?

Cheers !

  • Ubuntu 10.4 Beta as openQRM
  • openQRM installed from SVN


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When I installed it from .deb both the openQRM web-gui and Nagios had the same username/password combo of openqrm/openqrm. Did you give that a try yet?

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