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Can't get to the Administration or the "companyweb" site itself; was working up to a week ago.

Old threads, blog posts, etc. indicate that there was an issue with a KB update but was resolved when .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 was deployed/installed.

Running Process Monitor, I can see a lot of PATH NOT FOUND','NAME NOT FOUND for c:\inetpub\companyweb\Default.aspx, \_themes\ice\...\foo.css, etc. for the w3wp.exe process on CreateFileorQueryOpenoperations. These files do not exist in the location specified.

I don't recall these files actually existing in that folder, but I believe they're "created" when requested, pulled in from Common Files/Shared or whatever, in typically-awesome Microsoft Web architecture land (</rant>).

Besides reinstalling (which I'm sure will be as much fun as migrating from one server to another was), anyone know what's going on?

Google-fu has alluded me.

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I ended up moving it to a new server: this new server has nothing else but SharePoint on it, so I (hopefully) won't run into any issues again, or at least can trace it back to a Windows Update.

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