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I have an apache 2 web server working with a tomcat 6 servlet container running on ununtu 9.1, integrated via mod_proxy.

I have the following time mismatch problem:

  • When apache log to its access-log file, the date/time is correct.
  • When a grails app running on tomcat inserts date-related information in the DB, the time is three hours ahead

Any tips on how to fix tomcat's datetime problem ?


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Is this a Timezone problem? Perhaps setting up the TZ variable (and exporting it) in the tomcat startup script might help.

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GO to File and Set the Time Zone. It may mismatch with the System. LIke -Duser.timezone=GMT+5 add this into JAVA_OPT Variable.

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This is such an ugly solution. – Tom O'Connor Sep 26 '11 at 12:53

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