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My client wants to create email addresses for all their dotnetnuke users using their domain. The point is to keep the user's email addresses 'private' while still allowing communication through a public email address that they can control.

It's not necessary to have a full webmail interface (although that would be nice). I'm thinking it would be enough just to forward any mail on and just act as a gateway. So if an email was sent to, it would be forwarded on to the email address associated with the dotnetnuke account with username 'rwain'.

Is this possible to do in a shared hosting environment? Or do I need to create some custom mail server that does a conversion of the email address and forwards it?

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It's usually possible, you'll have to contact your host to ask how to set it up, because it will be different for every one. – Dean Harding Apr 29 '10 at 0:18

A library like MailBee .NET mail object by AfterLogic - might help - I have had good luck with it - it really is going to depend on the hosting environment though and the mail server

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You could always go the route of using Google Apps as well. I've used this on many personal and professional DotNetNuke sites.

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If anyone else is looking for a solution here, I've contacted a hosting company and they have told me that unless I want to create the email addresses for each DNN user manually, it's not possible in a shared hosting environment.

However, a VPS hosting solution makes it possible to automatically create email addresses using the SmarterMail API:

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