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I am having trouble getting puppet to sync a custom fact. I am using puppet version 0.25.4. The fact is inside a module as described in

If I specify --pluginsync on the command line it does sync correctly, but does not otherwise even though I have pluginsync=true in my puppet.conf.

Is it correct that this command line option and the option in the puppet.conf should have the same behavior?

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As an aside, please consider updating to a more recent version. There's numerous known bugs in 0.25.x whose fixes will never be backported to those versions. – Felix Frank May 26 '14 at 12:42

Yes. Do you have the pluginsync=true in the right section in your puppet.conf (either [main] or [puppetd]) and do you have removed any old puppet*d*.conf?

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I don't think 0.25.x supports plugins in modules. If it does it only supports them when you do not have a plugins mount point defined in fileserver.conf.

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