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I had ruby in my Red hat linux pc. I manually deleted the folders of ruby in /usr/lib and /usr/bin. Now when I try to install ruby again it says it conflicts with some files which does not exist.

rpm -i ruby-libs-

file /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/yaml/tag.rb from install of ruby-libs- conflicts with file from package ruby-libs-1.8.5-5.el5 and lot more files

What should I do now ?Can someone guide me.

Regards, Mithun

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If you're sure you really want to install that file, you can use the --force option:

rpm -i --force ruby-libs-
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Try removing the old installation using rpm

rpm -qa | grep ruby

to get see that it is installed, then

rpm -e ruby-libs-

to uninstall it. Do this for other packages that are conflicting as well.

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Use rvm if you want to do anything with ruby. Particularly when you're using a distro that tends to be on the conservative side.

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