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I use a VM through RDP. When I'm done for the day, I just disconnect the session and reconnect in the morning. That allows me to pick up what I was doing and not close all the applications. As I'm the only user, this generally works well.

Today, I can't reconnect to my session from yesterday. When I RDP, I get a new session. When I run query user, I can see my other session:

 me         rdp-tcp#82     1  Active      15:00  4/22/2010 9:00 AM
>me         rdp-tcp#91     2  Active          .  4/30/2010 9:00 AM

If I try to use Terminal Services Manager to remote control the other session, I get this error:

Session (ID 1) remote control failed
(Error 7044 - The request to control another session remotely was denied. )

Is there any way to reconnect to this session, or do I need to just kill it?

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AFAIK just need to kill it, it's hung.

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