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Unaligned Advanced Format drives with sector size of 4k will have degraded performance.

How do I make Disk Druid to partition drives correctly?

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See this recent IBM developerWorks article about the topic. I'm not sure if Disk Druid supports partitioning based on sectors, meaning that it will let you specify the start of a partition based on sector number, rather then CHS, or size. If it doesn't I recommend partitioning manually, with a different tool, according to the advice in the article.

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Yea, I read it. The problem is that there is no info on how to do that by Disk Druid, which is the default partitioning tool in CentOS/RedHat installer. On the disk itself it's written, that only Windows needs jumper manipulation and other OSes are good as they are. But that seem not to be so. – Vladislav Rastrusny May 1 '10 at 11:15
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I solved the partitioning problem very easy. I dropped Disk Druid and before installing OS booted in linux rescue mode. Then I started parted and switched to unit s mode to use sectors. Then I created partitions I need so that every partition starts on mod8 sector (divisible by 8). That's all.

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