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According to this and this, blogs can be mapped to a custom domain (e.g.: However, I don't see anything that says it can be mapped to a subdomain (e.g.: or a path within a domain (e.g.:

Does anyone have any experience with this to definitively say whether this is possible?

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Definitely possible, I think you just missed this link that shows how:

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Thanks for the link! To clarify for anyone else who has the same question, that link explains that it can be done with subdomains, but cannot be done with subdirectories. – Matt Huggins Apr 30 '10 at 20:07

Yes, it's possible. I've actually did this unintetionally earlier, I unzipped the wordpress .zip to my folder and uploaded it, which gave me You could easily rename the folder to blog or similar and this would provide the desired effect.

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