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I have some Windows XP laptops (10+) that host a ad-hoc WIFI network connection to wireless PDA devices. The laptop itself is connected via a 3rd party VPN radio network. The radio network itself seems to be reliable.

If one small thing goes wrong with the network configuration then the PDA loses connectivity and so I need a way to backup a networking config , either via a script or a 3rd party program, so that I can restore a working network configuration if something goes wrong. Is this possible? Does anyone have any ideas?

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If it comes to network settings backup you can try:

netsh interface dump > config.dat

.. later you restore it using ..

netsh exec config.dat

Unfortunately I think it will not backup your wireless profiles. To do that you will need to look into something like this:

netsh wlan export profile name=_PROFILE_NAME_ folder=_FOLDER_

This will put your profile into xml file, to restore it:

netsh wlan add profile filename=_FILENAME_

:) and to display the list of profiles:

netsh wlan show profiles

Good luck :)

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