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Hello everybody I have windows server 2003 domain and windows xp workstation. it is necessary that at 6.00 pm on computer was displayed a window (Do you really want to shutdown a computer and Yes/no button).If user click Yes or еxpired 5 minutes computer shutdown, else user click No than appears after an hour window will display again.

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please don't crosspost to multiple sites. This is the correct site for this question per – Jeff Atwood May 1 '10 at 6:01

Have a look at Sysinternal's pssshutdown, in conjuction with the Windows at command you can create a daily scheduled task to perform this. The utility allows for customized message box, default time out and presents a window prompting the user to cancel or continue the shutdown.

Create a Group Policy with a Computer Logon script something like:

REM Schedule computer shutdown task using AT.

IF EXIST "%PROGRAMFILES%\PStools\psshutdown.exe" (
    REM Clear at tasks
    AT.EXE /delete /yes
    REM Schedule shutdown daily, repeat in case of user cancellation.
    AT.EXE %SHUTDOWNTIME% /EVERY:m,t,w,th,f,s,su "%PROGRAMFILES%\PStools\psshutdown.exe" -accepteula -c -f -k -t %TIMEOUT% -m "Nightly shutdown in progress.  Click CANCEL if you need to continue using this computer."

You will need to customize the path to psshutdown to match your environment.

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You can use the at and shutdown.exe commands in a script to accomplish this.

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There's no way for a user to easily cancel the shutdown. – Chris S Jun 16 '10 at 13:12

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