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Does any web 2.0 online network diagram generators exist?


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Yes, but are you wanting for it to generate the diagram for you? That I haven't seen. If you just want to create network diagrams online (without visio, or something) try Gliffy:

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Gliffy isnt free. I'm looking for something totally free (and it can have very basic features). I dont need the bells and whistles at all... in fact, i dont want them. – djangofan Apr 27 '11 at 23:30

When writing commercial proposals, I am doing most of the network diagrams with Cacoo.

They have a reasonably nice+uniform collection of network/IT icons.

Here is the last one I created (more formal/technical drawings are possible too):

enter image description here

Also this kind of network sequence diagrams:

enter image description here

Cacoo has a restriction: only 20 free diagrams, but time-unlimited.

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NodeSystems will generate an interactive online diagram automatically:

Check out the online demo:

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