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I am trying to setup Linux-HA (Heartbeat) on a new SLES 11 Server anyone know of a good step-by-step for this the site's docs leave a little to be desired...


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I'm working on the same challenge, and here are two links that have helped:

Novell's documentation on HA, which is what you are already probably looking at:

Load balancing howto from Novell communities:

Download the SLES 11 High Availability Extension as an add-on from the Novell site. It was not grouped under Suse Enterprise Linux as I had expected, but was in its own category for download. Once HAE is added as a source, you can select Software Management, Patterns, and choose High Availability to install all packages at once.

Still working on the configuration part, though.


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  1. Dowload the latest Heartbeat 2.99 source-code that you are able to obtain
  2. ./configure help - configure it with the settings that you need
  3. make srpm
  4. Go to the srpm and do a rpmbuild --rebuild to it.

If you need DRBD, too - same thing.

That way you can use the old Heartbeat-Cluster-Stack (and DRBD8) without the need to buy a HAE licence.

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